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Fusinity offers unique technology to debug and reflash embedded systems running in situ. This allows embedded developers to rapidly debug and develop software running in a realistic working environment. Fusinity's approach combines the power of debugger-level access to data with the remote communications of automotive calibration tools.

Fusinity's product provides an all-round Windows toolkit for automotive and non-automotive software development, acting as a calibration tool, debug tool, CAN tool, and diagnostic tool. It is much lower cost than traditional calibration tools, yet provides more useful and instant functionality for software developers making frequent builds.

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PiSnoop (now OpenECU Calibrator) is offered by automotive electronics experts Dana Inc (www.dana.com), and is sold and supported by them. It provides an ideal partner to their OpenECU (TM) product range (www.openecu.com) but also works with other automotive systems. Check out the Products and Support/Download pages there for more.
Includes a comprehensive application note on working with OpenECU.

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The product include a host of essential functions for software teams developing embedded software including:

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Fusinity Ltd, 22 Priory Road, Cambridge, CB5 8HT; UK company number 08312191. Email contact@fusinity.com.